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Career point was formed with a single idea,giving countselling to students in their areas of interest and information on alternative

Career Point was implemented by engaging domain experts and dynamic countsellors who could understand student's psychology.Few seminer's came very handy where directs instructions with students gave ws innense insights to work upon. Student's academic past,economic conditions of their families and culture were the domainant issues,our countsellors found them very challenging to address and they are enjoying it. All these focused efforts facilitated the admission process in the institutes of their choice.we have completed 124 admissions in PG/UG streams pan India for the academic year 2013-15.Courses, Exams, Admissions, Contacts (note that contact us form – doesn’t work).

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Individual Approach to Education!

CAREER POINT would like to present itself as an Organisation with foresight.

There are several Dimentions to thinkng. Each leading to different perspective. So you can view things in new light. A company's functioning depends upon its inherent Attitude. How it relates to the rest of the world of business & within itself is reflected in the pattern called SUCCESS.

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